Visiting Artist: Alejandro Meitin (Ala Plástica)

We were fortunate to have Alejandro Meitin in our meeting last month. He is an artist, lawyer, environmental activist, and co-founder of the art collective Ala Plástica. He gave us a talk about Ala Plástica’s creative process of by using their past projects as example.

Personally, it was an eye-opening experience to learn that “Art” takes in so many forms and shapes, not only physical objects but it can be an approach to a variety of artistic initiatives that affect communities and the environment, while promoting the potential of art to transform.

Alejandro Meitin is an artist, lawyer, environmental activist, and co-founder of the art collective Ala Plástica, which is based in La Plata, Argentina. Since 1994, he has been a member of Littoral Art, an independent network of artists, critics, curators, and scholars interested in new ways of thinking about contemporary artistic practice and critical theory. Meitin has been involved in researching and developing collaborative artistic practices and has a number of exhibitions, residencies, and publications to his credit. He has also taught courses and given lectures in Latin America, North America, and Europe.



First Year Review Show 2018

This year, there are total 29 first year grad students form different discipline to show what they were working on since the last year. Compared to the last year, it is about 10 more students this year. Art Lofts Gallery was filled with exciting work and energy..

Show Sign made by Guzzi Pinc (Painting & Drawing)

Delicious chillies (not only one kind, but three!) were severed at the reception and it added welcoming atmosphere to the night.

The show curation was done by Kel Mur, Deanna Antony, and Sean Clute, who are the representative of our years, and it looked great. I must’ve been a tough work to put such a amount of work in a one space. Thank you guys!

I would like to show some images of work by the first year 4-D students.

“Menarche, n. The first menstrual period; the establishment of menstruation.” by Kel Mur
“Untitled” by Anwar Floyd-Pruitt
“Graft-versus-Host” by Emma Pryde
“To Infinity and Beyond” (performance) by Yoshinori Asai
“thoughts and prayers” by Simone and Max


I cannot wait to see what we will be showing for our Second Year Review Show!

(Yoshinori Asai)

Opening Reception of the First Year Review Show is TONIGHT!

Have you been wondering what the first year graduate students have been up to? The First Year Review Show is the place to be to see the class of 2020’s best work in one convenient location. We’ve fit the work of 29 artists into the Art Lofts Gallery, so even if art isn’t your thing, you should check it out just to marvel at that superhuman feat alone.

Opening reception is TONIGHT!

Wednesday, February 7th from 6-8 PM.

There’ll be some seriously good food. Enjoy a tasting of four different chilis and a ton of toppings. A sparkling water “cocktail” bar and a cash bar will also be available.

The show will be in the gallery until 14th. Please check it out if you cannot make it tonight.

Art Show Announcement: “The Void() Looks Back”

This weekends, our faculty member Meg Michel’s Digital Interactive Studio class is going to have its end-of-semester show at Commonwealth Gallery!

The Void() Looks Back

Commonwealth Gallery – 100 S Baldwin St, Madison, WI 53703

Reception: Saturday, December 9th, 2017, 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition on view: December 9th to December 12


I hope I will see you there!


(Yoshinori Asai)

PhD Students: Helen and Andrew

Today we had the presentations of two PhD students, Helen J. Bullard and Andrew Salyer, who work around 4-D community, about their plans for the dissertations. It was very interesting to hear about and discuss about their projects.

Helen J. Bullard and Andrew Salyer

Their thesis shows are scheduled in next semester so stay tuned!

Also, 2nd year grad Chelsea Thompto’s MA qualify show is happening on the beginning of the next semester. Don’t miss it!

I will update further informations about those shows on here. Please keep your eyes on 4-D Area.

(Yoshinori Asai)

4-D Group Show “OVERSITE”: Summary

With only 2 weeks to complete new works after selecting a theme, 4-D graduate students delivered a successful and cohesive group show, representative of the diverse artistic disciplines housed within the 4-D subject area.



The exhibition, titled Oversight, explored themes of surveillance and “super vision” through works by 10 artists in video, installation, VR, and performance, among other media.


SIMONE AND MAX, “Nothing But Blue Skies”, 2017, Single-channel video with two-channel audio
GRANT GUSTAFSON, “There’s a fine line.” (2017)
CHELSEA THOMPTO, “Read”, 2017, Single-channel video installation with two way mirror
KEL MUR, “V”, 2017, Wood and fabric installation
TIMOTHY ARMENT, “Void”, 2017, Virtual reality


Is what we see, really what we think it is? What happens when one’s perception doesn’t match preconceived notions of what something “should” look like?


EMMA PRYDE, “Roofie”, 2017, Video installation
J. ANDREW SALYER, “Pantone 11-4800”, 2017, Ink and paper
YOSHINORI ASAI, “Present”, 2017, Performance
ANWAR FLOYD_PRUITT, “Watching Me”, 2015-2016, Compilation of Digital Videos


Seeing the world from alternative viewpoints is an interesting challenge we can all embrace, and may be especially important at this moment in history.


All photos by Simone and Max.

(Yoshinori Asai)

Visiting Artist: Cassils

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a visit of the internationally well known artist, Cassils to our show.

They gave us thoughtful and generous critiques for each piece in the show.
This was not their first visit to our campus. In fact, we were honored to have them back in 2015 when they performed their iconic piece, The Resillience of the 20%, for which they tackles a 2000 pounds of cray in total darkness. The audience could see the performance only by the flash of a photographer.
The artist talk by them on the same night to the public was also empowering.

Their current show MONUMENTAL at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in NY has been extended to December 2nd. We highly recommend you to visit the show if you will happened to be around NY during the time.

(Images from the artist’s website)

More info about the show:


After the critique, we took a walk to the lake and had a lunch together.

Thank you Cassils!

(Yoshinori Asai)