What is 4D? This is a frequently asked question and though there is not a perfect answer, here are some quotes from former students that help to summarize the subject.“I get asked a lot what 4D means and not just by non-artists, so I’ve spent some time thinking about this. A very abridged version that works for me is ‘I prefer to create experiences rather than objects.’”

“4D. New Media. Intermedia. Transmedia. Interdisciplinary art. Call it what you want. I’m not sure there’s a term that we all agree fits best. It is hard to find a balance between a term that encompasses everything we do and a term that is so far reaching that it isn’t descriptive at all.”

“Sometimes I think that 4-D is for misfits, and I mean that in a good way. 4D takes in those that don’t fit neatly in a box. 4D takes in those that want to be novel and break out of traditional boundaries.”

“Simply put, 4-D is 3-D plus the element of time. Art that is not static but instead ever-changing and in flux.”