Visiting Artist: Cassils

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a visit of the internationally well known artist, Cassils to our show.

They gave us thoughtful and generous critiques for each piece in the show.
This was not their first visit to our campus. In fact, we were honored to have them back in 2015 when they performed their iconic piece, The Resillience of the 20%, for which they tackles a 2000 pounds of cray in total darkness. The audience could see the performance only by the flash of a photographer.
The artist talk by them on the same night to the public was also empowering.

Their current show MONUMENTAL at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in NY has been extended to December 2nd. We highly recommend you to visit the show if you will happened to be around NY during the time.

(Images from the artist’s website)

More info about the show:


After the critique, we took a walk to the lake and had a lunch together.

Thank you Cassils!

(Yoshinori Asai)