4-D Group Show “OVERSITE”: Summary

With only 2 weeks to complete new works after selecting a theme, 4-D graduate students delivered a successful and cohesive group show, representative of the diverse artistic disciplines housed within the 4-D subject area.



The exhibition, titled Oversight, explored themes of surveillance and “super vision” through works by 10 artists in video, installation, VR, and performance, among other media.


SIMONE AND MAX, “Nothing But Blue Skies”, 2017, Single-channel video with two-channel audio
GRANT GUSTAFSON, “There’s a fine line.” (2017)
CHELSEA THOMPTO, “Read”, 2017, Single-channel video installation with two way mirror
KEL MUR, “V”, 2017, Wood and fabric installation
TIMOTHY ARMENT, “Void”, 2017, Virtual reality


Is what we see, really what we think it is? What happens when one’s perception doesn’t match preconceived notions of what something “should” look like?


EMMA PRYDE, “Roofie”, 2017, Video installation
J. ANDREW SALYER, “Pantone 11-4800”, 2017, Ink and paper
YOSHINORI ASAI, “Present”, 2017, Performance
ANWAR FLOYD_PRUITT, “Watching Me”, 2015-2016, Compilation of Digital Videos


Seeing the world from alternative viewpoints is an interesting challenge we can all embrace, and may be especially important at this moment in history.


All photos by Simone and Max.

(Yoshinori Asai)